Routine Air Conditioner Service, Quality Of Life Increases

Has your electricity bill increased even though you have reduced or used Air Conditioners appropriately? Do you often sneeze, headache, or dry throat when in an air conditioner room? That's one sign that your air conditioner needs service. You can visit Merton ac repair to get help. Besides being able to service your air conditioner, we can also provide service if your heater has a problem.

Visit our website now to find out about our special offers, just for you! Living in the tropics, air conditioning or air conditioner has a very important role in everyday life of people in general. Just like your car or other machines, an air conditioner also requires regular maintenance. The evaporator and coil condenser collect dirt for years in every use of the air conditioner. This accumulated dirt blocks the flow of air and therefore reduces its ability to absorb heat. Avoid this problem by checking and cleaning the coil regularly. Dirty air conditioners increase energy use. This means you spend more electricity! Replacing the filter A dirty, new air conditioner can reduce energy use by 5% - 10%. If you have a pet or the condition of your home/office is very dusty, you are advised to clean or replace the Air conditioner filter system every one or two months. Frequently serviced and well-maintained air conditioners save you electricity costs. Dirty air quality affects your respiratory system! Non-serviced air conditioners routinely have dirty air filters. The air produced contains dust, and dust will blow with the air conditioner and inhale into your lungs. This is a risk of causing symptoms such as sneezing, dry throat, and more serious illnesses such as tuberculosis & asthma. Therefore, filters/coil and coil Air conditioner need to be cleaned or replaced regularly. Like humans, air conditioners need maintenance in order to function efficiently for the long term. In a comfortable home, there is a well-maintained & well-serviced Air conditioner! After a day of activity, you certainly want to go home and rest yourself in your comfortable bedroom. Imagine, your air conditioner is suddenly damaged or is the air conditioner not cold enough? This is certainly very disturbing and damaging to the quality of your rest. Therefore, don't wait until your Air conditioner is damaged before being serviced, like the famous proverb, "It is better to prevent than cure." Service your Air conditioner more often to prevent excessive electricity bills, maintain a healthy body and comfort the room / your home.